Flexible, Affordable, Reliable and Accurate

The Visual Intelligence iOne sensor system family lets aerial image providers combine many cameras seamlessly into one sensor, create large format sensors for about half the cost, and switch between different sensor types to produce aerial maps and digital photogrammetry products.

This reconfigurability gives image providers the flexibility to change their sensor in the field to meet mission-specific requirements, allowing them to generate new revenue streams, bid more projects, and offer their customers value-added products without having to buy entirely separate sensors.

What can the iOne Sensor System Do For You?

  • Produce multiple image types and sizes from the same sensor system
  • Co-mount and co-register sensors to collect different data types in single pass
  • Reconfigure in the field in a few hours to meet mission requirements
  • Use for orthophotos and oblique/3D mapping projects
  • Produce extremely accurate, high-quality imagery
  • Take advantage of the fastest commercial frame rates plus extreme reliability in a low-cost system
  • Protect investment in technology by allowing for growth and expansion
  • Build a competitive business advantage using one sensor solution

About Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence provides high-quality digital sensor systems for airborne photogrammetry applications. Our aerial camera systems give imaging companies a flexible and affordable digital photogrammetry platform for larger and faster data collection, automated processing workflows and highly-accurate 3-D visualization data.
Our unique modular sensor system and camera array uses technology that is covered by many engineering patents held by Visual Intelligence, and certified by USGS as part of the Sensor Type certification during the development phase of the original sensor.

Visual Intelligence has a history of innovation that is backed by our proven iOne solutions that enable our customers to grow their business and protect their investment by supporting their needs for future expansion.

For more information on how our sensor solutions can help you grow your business, download our product catalog or email