iOne Stereo 12 or 19 Introduction

ione stereo visual intelligence

The iOne Stereo 12 or 19 takes advantage of the iOne Sensor Tool Kit Architecture (STKA) that recently received the 2013 Technology Innovation in Sensors Award from Geospatial Forum. The iOne STKA is a next-generation software/hardware foundation for high-performing, multi-purpose 2D-3D geoimaging sensors for aerial, terrestrial and mobile applications. Using the power of the iOne STKA platform, the iOne Stereo 12 or 19 offers a number of advantages to small and large collection companies.

What Can You Do With iOne Stereo?

  • The iOne Stereo 12 is a large area collection sensor with 12,500 pixels across track. It is reconfigurable in the field by the user to an iOne Stereo 19 System (19,000 pixels across track) which has both a b/h ratio of 0.34 and the industry’s only digital sensor with a b/h ratio of 0.60.
  • The iOne Stereo 19 System can be reconfigured in the field by the user to the iOne n-Oblique System and back again. This allows data collectors to have multipurpose capability in one sensor platform for far less than the cost of other single use sensors
  • Can optionally be configured to collect near infrared in the iOne Stereo 12 configuration allowing multispectral data collection capability
  • Enables fully-automated workflow for virtual frame generation readily ingestible by photogrammetric suites
  • Leverages open architecture for imagery and point cloud ingestion by any third party 3D tools
  • Utilizes industry-leading iOne Isis software, which provides QA/QC tools for in-the-field rapid imagery collection evaluation
  • Able to capture 2 inch (5cm) resolution at 2,000 feet (610m)
  • Can fly over 250 knots to collect a 10cm GSD with 80% overlap
  • Absolute CE 2x GSD or better
  • Generates DSM and Roof Textures from (0.34 or 0.60 B/H)
  • Able to accommodate different lens combinations
  • Full mission data downloads under 90 mins, and mission processing completed within two days of a mission.
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