iOne Isis Earth

isis ione workflow

The Isis software package features Isis Earth, it is the post processing ortho program used to generate accurate ortho images. Improved accuracy from Isis Sky can be obtained by refined GPS (xyz) positioning in post process mode and/or by using traditional aerial triangulation procedures.

Isis Earth is an automated, multi-CPU software package that processes data from raw single images produced by the iOne sensor into virtual frames with exterior orientation ready for Aerial Triangulation. Through a simple user interface, Isis performs the following functions:
• Flight imagery and metadata quality checks
• Full radiometric and haze correction
• Geometric, distortion, and boresight corrections

Isis Earth Process Flow

• The four-band, 12-bit images and GPS/IMU data are imported
• Data integrity check – image/meta data files checked
• Meta files are updated with higher accuracy orientation produced by using processed GPS/IMU data
• Isis radiometric processing corrects for dynamic range challenges, sun glints, and atmospheric haze
• Corrected images are calibrated using flat fielding and balancing, then converted to individual 8-bit image layers. *Note that no image compression is used in this process

Virtual Frame Generation

The virtual frame is a mosaic of individual images taken simultaneously and enables Isis to produce large swaths while reducing the number of AT models needed for processing. The Virtual Frame is fully radiometrically corrected with all the camera and lens distortions removed. An additional benefit of the virtual frame is to generate stereo pairs for a suitably configured iOne array. Note that the virtual frames include all information including Exterior Orientation (EO) file (XYZ and rotation) to support rapid AT processing.

Spectral Response and Calibration

• The spectral sensitivity curves of the Bayer filter elements, Optics, and the IR filter represent the composite spectral
• A “color unmixing” algorithm that, under certain assumptions, can be used to alter the effective spectral sensitivity curves of each channel
• Spectral response calibration is verified by imaging a Gretag MacBeth ColorChecker true-to-life image reproduction test pattern chart. The average RGB value of each cell is compared with the given known RGB values of the color cells on the ColorChecker to verify spectral calibration

Isis Software Generates Quick Ortho Photos within Minutes of Collection to support:
• Emergency Response
• Disaster Recovery
• Crisis Management