iOne STKA® (iOne Sensor Tool Kit Architecture)

The Visual Intelligence iOne STKA is a software/COTS-hardware based architecture from which many different multi-purpose aerial imaging sensors can be built. The iOne STKA provides a modular and scalable hardware/software foundation that is field-configurable to deploy a variety of high-performing 2D-3D geoimaging sensors to collect high-quality color or infrared NADIR, oblique, or video imagery as well as LiDAR and thermal data – using the same sensor system. Image providers are no longer limited to using monolithic, single purpose sensors. With the iOne STKA technology, they can have a modular multipurpose sensor platform for surveillance, professional metric surveying and mapping.

Many Different Configurations from One Sensor

The iOne STKA software/hardware solution is the basis for the iOne SRK (Sensor Reconfiguration Kit) and supports many different sensor configurations, and image providers can also co-mount and co-register (CoCo®) with any other passive or active sensors in a very tightly coupled, geo-referenced system, giving them the ability to collect and fuse different types of imagery in one pass, and produce low-cost, extremely accurate, high-resolution imagery.

Also available for the UVS/UAV and mobile/handheld markets, the iOne STKA lets the same unmanned system and the same software be used for different array configurations or sizes, allowing rapid deployment of multi-purpose sensor configurations on fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, UAV’s, terrestrial devices, and other miniaturized mobile applications.

The iOne STKA is backed by numerous patents and Visual Intelligence technology, resulting in a very powerful and scalable sensor foundation. The patented iOne STKA arched retinal camera array, commercially known as ARCA®, positions adjacent sensors into a compound array and performs like a single camera to produce a low-cost, highly-accurate, radometrically and geometrically correct metric image with superior resolution and quality.

With ONE reliable end-to-end digital sensor system solution for MANY applications, image providers can grow their business, enhance their products, and maximize their return.

What Can The Visual Intelligence iOne STKA Do For You?

  • Multi-band spectral imaging
  • High accuracy stereo-derived elevation models
  • Integrated full motion video, persistent surveillance, with high NIIRS performance in a single platform
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Sensor can scale for very lightweight configurations suitable for small UAV’s/UAS’s (SUAS)

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