iOne SRK® (iOne Sensor Reconfiguration Kit)

The Visual Intelligence iOne SRK® lets image providers combine many cameras seamlessly into one sensor, create large format sensors for about half the cost, and switch between different sensor types. This award-winning and patented technology is built on the iOne STKA® (iOne Sensor Tool Kit Architecture), a software/COTS-hardware based architecture from which many different multi-purpose aerial imaging sensors can be built.

The reconfigurability that the iOne SRK® offers gives aerial image providers cost-effective tools to configure mission-specific collection requirements and functionality, generate new revenue streams, bid more projects, and offer customers value-added products without having to buy entirely separate sensors.

Unique Design Supports Multiple Image Types and Sizes

With the iOne SRK® the user can:

  • Co-mount different types of sensors
  • Reconfigure in the field for oblique/3D views
  • Reconfigure in the field for image sizes from 108-238 Megapixels

High-end machine vision cameras provide 1 frame per second frame rate, and electronic shutter system contains no internal moving parts to break down.

The flexibility of the iOne SRK® technology allows reconfiguration in the field, opening new business opportunities for aerial imaging companies without buying a new sensor. Ranging from 9-37 pounds, our sensors can be reconfigured to fly in a cost effective medium to large UAV or single engine plane. Because the technology can be used for different array configurations or sizes, it allows rapid deployment of multi-purpose sensor configurations for a variety of uses in fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, UAV’s, terrestrial devices, and even miniaturized smartphone and mobile applications.

Take a look at the sensor system configuration diagram below, showing the sensors, footprint, configurations, and results available from the iOne SRK® system.


What Can The Visual Intelligence iOne SRK® Do For You?

Multiple image types and sizes

  • Co-mounting and co-registration of different sensor types for image fusion projects
  • Converts to oblique mapping sensor device
  • Capability to provide image sizes from 108-238 Megapixels
  • Reconfigurable in the field in 3-5 hours

High-quality cameras with fastest commercial frame rate

  • Low cost, high accuracy cameras
  • No moving parts result in extreme reliability
  • Lightweight and small for use in UAV, single engine plane, handheld devices and more
  • Provide future growth path for aerial imaging companies
For more information and to see how easy it is to reconfigure in the field in less than a half day, download the poster and whitepaper that won the MAPPS Technology Award and 2014 Grand Award or email