iOne n-Oblique Introduction

noblique visual intelligence

The iOne n-Oblique Infrastructure Metric-Mapping System Multi-Sided Oblique System takes advantage of the iOne Sensor Tool Kit Architecture (STKA) that recently received the 2013 Technology Innovation in Sensors Award from Geospatial Forum. The iOne STKA is a next-generation software/hardware foundation for high-performing, multi-purpose 2D-3D geoimaging sensors for aerial, terrestrial and mobile applications. Using the power of the iOne STKA platform, the iOne n-Oblique offers a number of advantages to small and large collection companies:

What Can You Do With iOne n-Oblique?

  • Multipurpose reconfigurable to an iOne Stereo large area collection system with industry’s only engineering accuracy of 0.6 B/H
  • Can be flown with or without a gyro stabilizing mount (GSM) and is designed to integrate with Flight Management process
  • Enables fully-automated workflow for virtual frame generation readily ingestible by photogrammetric suites
  • Leverages open architecture for imagery and point cloud ingestion by any third party 3D tools
  • Utilizes industry-leading iOne Isis software, which provides QA/QC tools for in-the-field rapid imagery collection evaluation
  • Comes in two standard configurations supporting both low altitude and high altitude collection
  • Captures 3D cities with 100% oblique coverage
  • Configuration produces 360° four-sided building views
  • Able to capture 2.0 inch resolution at nadir and 2.5 inch resolution on the oblique cameras at an altitude of 2,500 feet
  • Able to capture 1.25 inch resolution at nadir and 1.5 inch resolution on the oblique cameras at an altitude of 1,500 feet
  • Absolute CE 2x GSD or better (Vertical is 3x GSD)
  • Closely matches Oblique and Nadir GSD (a 3D Driver)
  • Generates DSM and Roof Textures from NADIR (0.34 B/H)
  • Able to accommodate different lens combinations
  • Full mission data downloads under 90 mins, and mission processing completed within two days of a mission.

iOne n-Oblique Downloads

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