iOne® Infrastructure Metric-Mapping System (IMS)

iOne IMS Visual Intelligence

iOne IMS® is based on Visual Intelligence’s award-winning iOne Sensor Tool Kit Architecture (STKA®), which is a next-generation software/hardware foundation for high-performing, multi-purpose 2D-3D geo-imaging sensors for aerial, terrestrial and mobile applications. iOne IMS® is highly scalable both in terms of collection and functionality. Customers can easily expand from a medium-format iOne system to a large-format system. Customers can also buy only the functionality they need in the short term and then add more functionality as needed later on. Traditional solutions force customers to buy more functionality than they need, which increases capital equipment purchase and maintenance cost.

The iOne Infrastructure Metric Mapping System (iOne IMS®), is a major technological milestone for infrastructure metric mapping and surveying. iOne IMS® allows aerial imaging companies to capture more imagery and data at a fraction of the up-front investment and operating cost of competing products—allowing them to- “Collect More, Do More, For Less.

The iOne IMS® is mountable on helicopter or fixed wing air platforms. The sensor is light weight, compact, with a lower cost of ownership. The system is capable of collecting ortho, multispectral (co registered RGB+NIR), forward and backward oblique in one pass using the Visual Intelligence ARCA® technology.

Visual Intelligence is able to generate point clouds from the imagery for 3D modeling. This is performed by accelerating the image exposure rates for all frames in synch and metrically in CoCo® mode that creates stereo overlap to support this capability.

Visual Intelligence has demonstrated the ability to design and configure sensor systems tailored to vertical market requirements very efficiently to meet the evolving imagery collection and processing requirements in the marketplace.

The iOne IMS® opens the venue for immediate revenue generating opportunities since the modular nature of this sensor makes it readily functionally scalable in little time – to make it even more competitive for project purposes. When installed on aircraft, the iOne IMS® collects ortho, stereo, forward and backward oblique, multispectral 4-band and point cloud product generation—all in a single pass.


What Can You Do With The iOne IMS®?

  • Cadastral inventory
  • Roads and rails surveys
  • Coastal surveys and environmental monitoring
  • Vegetation inventory and classification
  • Disaster rapid response
  • Construction surveys and monitoring
  • Oil and gas pipeline corridor mapping
  • River and body of water surveys and water quality control
  • Forest and agricultural monitoring
  • And many others

iOne IMS Visual Intelligence

iOne IMS® Downloads

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