iOne STKA® Sensor Applications

Visual Intelligence develops multi-purpose digital sensors. Our patents provide the foundation to an unprecedented technological breakthrough in multi-sensor fusion (imaging array) and generation of images coming from multiple camera modules / angles. The patents along with the USGS Sensor Type Certification, validate the uniqueness of Visual Intelligence’s IP, technological foundation, and its transforming role in the digital geoimaging industry. The scalability of the sensor is based on the ARCA and the ongoing planned scalability includes but it is not limited to ortho, stereo, oblique, full 3D as well as CoCo with LiDAR, thermal, multispectral and hyperspectral sensors.

Large Airborne Systems

iOne IMS

2D and 3D Infrastructure and Corridor Sensor
A powerful, very light and compact sensor providing ortho, multi-spectral, backward and forward oblique, all in one pass. It allows you to capture more imagery and data at a fraction of the up-front investment and operating cost of competing products.Learn More

iOne n-Oblique

Multi-sided Oblique Sensor
The iOne n-Oblique System is a multi-purpose, high-performance sensor that allows collection companies of all sizes to take advantage of new revenue opportunities related to oblique, stereo and 3D imagery.Learn More

iOne Stereo

Wide Area Collection
Designed for wide area collection in either large or very large format, the iOne Stereo System is a high performance sensor that can start out small and grow with your needs or budget.Learn More

iOne M+

Medium Format Digital Aerial Sensor
The iOne M+ Medium Plus Format (108 Mpixel) Digital Aerial Sensor is used in multiple types of aircraft including UAVs, and is field-reconfigurable to support Large Format or Very Large Format wide area collection or Oblique collection.Learn More

iOne Quick Facts

At Visual Intelligence we continually provide our customers a unique competitive advantage with the best performing and versatile digital metric geoimaging technology. Enabling them to deliver to market the highest quality geoimaging information products by the fastest and most economical way available in the industry.

2D and 3D Infrastructure and Corridor Sensor The iOne Infrastructure Metric Mapping System (iOne IMS), is a major technological milestone for infrastructure metric mapping and surveying. iOne IMS allows aerial imaging companies to capture more imagery and data at a fraction of the up-front investment and operating cost of competing products—allowing them to- “Collect More, Do More, For Less.

  • Cadastral inventory
  • Roads and rails surveys… and much, much more
Multi-sided Oblique Sensor The iOne n-Oblique 12 or 19 takes advantage of the iOne Software Sensor Tool Kit Architecture (STKA®) that recently received the 2013 Technology Innovation in Sensors Award from Geospatial Forum. The iOne STKA® is a next-generation software/hardware foundation for high-performing, multi-purpose 2D-3D geoimaging sensors for aerial, terrestrial and mobile applications. Using the power of the iOne STKA® platform, the iOne n-Oblique offers a number of advantages to small and large collection companies.

  • Multipurpose reconfigurable to an iOne Stereo large area collection system with industry’s only engineering accuracy of .6 b/h
  • Can be flown with or without a gyro stabilizing mount (GSM) and is designed to integrate with Flight Management process
Image and Orthophoto Generation Tools Isis Earth is an automated, multi-CPU software package that processes data from raw single images produced by the iOne sensor into virtual frames with exterior orientation ready for Aerial Triangulation. Through a simple user interface, Isis performs the following functions:

  • Flight imagery and metadata quality checks
  • Full radiometric and haze correction
Wide Area Collection Using the power of the iOne STKA® platform, the iOne n-Oblique offers a number of advantages to small and large collection companies. The iOne Stereo 12 is a large area collection sensor with 12,500 pixels across track. It is reconfigurable in the filed by the user to an iOne Stereo 19 System which has both a b/h ratio of 0.34 and the industry’s only digital sensor with a b/h ratio of 0.60.

  • Enables fully-automated workflow for virtual frame generation readily ingestible by photogrammetric suites
  • Able to accommodate different lens combinations
The iOne STKA® is backed by numerous patents and intellectual property methods, procedures, and software that has resulted in a very powerful and scalable sensor foundation. Methods and procedures include robust geometric and radiometric calibration, very large virtual frame generation that is ingestible by any traditional photogrammetric workflow (the ARCA array set behaves like one single metric camera), and ortho direct positioning onboard processing software that is the platform for event driven report generation.

  • High accuracy stereo-derived elevation models
  • Multi-band spectral imaging

Why Choose Visual Intelligence

      • Best performing -Most economical
      • Engineered to be truly modular and scalable
      • COTS based architecture
      • iOne STKA® enhanced products will minimize risk and grow your business.
      • We care about your projects as much as you do!

Industry Testimonials

…the ARCA sensor design… Is the most exciting technology I have seen at this ASPRS 2009 conference…
Dr. Edward Mikhail, University of Purdue
…your technology and customer service experience in comparison to other providers we have dealt with in the past is like ‘night and day’.
Tim Cawood, McKim & Creed
“You’ve come a long way… your imagery looks very good. With the modularity and scalability of the system and your DigitalFilm Lease/Usage program, you will have many flyers come knocking at your door to get this sensor.
Grady Owens, Aerial Viewpoint
This big picture goal of (‘Visual Intelligence and the Iris One sensor’) is highly ambitious, given all the effort that will be needed to launch… the system. At the same time, the vision is admirable in its focus and intent. The concept of using a scalable, integrated, modular family of sensors is excellent (and necessary for maintenance, upgrades, third-party assembly, COTS purchasing and rapid-prototyping).
Terry Keating, Aerometric
It is always exciting to see geospatial technology click and Visual Intelligence did just that during the verification test runs at Ruxstar Systems. VI’s technology has just entered into a new phase… and that phase is exciting to consider commercially. The possibilities with ARCA and modular configurations are endless. Great job Visual Intel.
John D. Russell, Ruxstar inc.