At ASPRS we launched several new innovations and ideas, and enjoyed showing attendees how you can “Take Your Best Shot” with Visual Intelligence.

Our innovations help you improve workflows and image quality without spending a fortune. Our high-quality and flexible sensor solutions help you get the most from your sensor solution, and give you even more options to win new business. If you couldn’t attend the show, here is an overview of the latest innovations that we launched at ASPRS.

1. You can reconfigure sensors in the field with our Sensor Reconfiguration Kit. The iOne SRK, our award-winning technology, enables the end user to reconfigure the iOne M+™ medium format sensor or iOne Stereo 12 large area collection, large format sensor into the Stereo 12 Multispectral sensor; Stereo 19 very large format sensor; or the n-Oblique™ oblique sensor — and back again. Learn more.

2. The iOne M+ Medium Format Digital Aerial Sensor is our latest camera innovation. The largest medium-format camera on the market with 108 megapixel image size and expandability to large format and extra-large format, the iOne M+ is also the most precise medium camera on the market with high accuracy and b/h ratio of .40 rotatable to .60. Learn how the iOne M+ delivers accuracy and flexibility at a price point that the industry demands. Learn more.

3. Browse, measure, exploit, and analyze oblique Imagery with One Oblique Analytix, a web-based tool that allows users to inspect oblique aerial imagery from a variety of viewpoints and then conduct sophisticated 3D measurements, analysis and manipulation of structures and objects. Learn more.

4. Our iOne Sensor Systems Solutions are now available with the industry-leading SOMAG GSM 3000 Gyro Stabilization Mount. Pairing our multipurpose and cost-effective suite of sensor products and fast Isis 2D-3D software suite with a high-quality and competitively-priced stabilization mount, gives our customers an affordable sensor and mount solution. Learn more.

These are only a few of our solutions that are being adopted by customers such as FYSPSA. Click here to learn more about FYSPSA, and why they chose Visual Intelligence to give them accuracy plus quality at an affordable price.

For more information, visit our web site at or contact for more information on how you can Take Your Best Shot.