iOne™ M+™ Medium Format Digital Aerial Sensor

The Visual Intelligence iOne M+ is a Medium Plus (108 Megapixel) Format Digital Aerial Sensor that can be reconfigured in the field to support Large Format, or Very Large Format wide area collection or Oblique collection. Weighing in at less than12 pounds, Visual Intelligence has optimized the iOne M+ sensor for multiple forms of aircraft including UAV and UASs such as NEANY’s Arrow. The iOne M+ is designed to work as a standalone sensor or to work side by side with a LIDAR system. The iOne M+ Digital Aerial Sensor represents a significant advancement over traditional medium format aerial cameras, enabling users to generate additional revenue by fulfilling a wider range of geoimaging jobs and delivering higher-quality imagery to clients.

Large Footprint with High Precision and Flexibility

The iOne M+ is based on Visual Intelligence’s patented and award-winning iOne Sensor Tool Kit Architecture (STKA) that provides a modular and scalable hardware/software foundation for data collection. The STKA is field-configurable to deploy a variety of high-performing 2D-3D geoimaging sensors to collect high-quality data – using the same sensor system.

Part of the iOne family of Sensor System Solutions, the iOne M+ is a 108 Megapixel sensor with a b/h ratio of .40 across track rotatable to .60. This makes the iOne M+ the largest and most precise medium format sensor on the market, with a footprint of 12,500 x 8,592 pixels, and near infrared (NIR) capability. Designed to be the best-in-class sensor, the iOne M+ enables the user to collect data with high speed and reliability. With its high frame rate of up to 1 frame per second, the iOne M+ collects data 2 to 3 times faster than competing medium format systems at the same price as smaller medium format sensors.

With ONE reliable end-to-end digital sensor system solution for MANY applications, image providers can grow their business, enhance their products, and maximize their return.

What Can The Visual Intelligence iOne M+ Do For You?

  • Larger area collection than other medium format sensors – 108 Mp
  • Opportunities to win more business with very high accuracy results
  • More data options for customers – Color and Color IR
  • Fly multiple project types and offer more products – Stereo, NIR Stereo, Oblique – available by simply reconfiguring the sensor
  • Lightweight configuration is suitable for small UAV’s/UAS’s (SUAS)

For more information on how the iOne M+ can help you grow your business, download our iOne M+ fact sheet or email

pdf ione facts Download the iOne M+ fact sheet