Houston and Jena, Germany – March 25, 2014 – Visual Intelligence and SOMAG AG Jena have signed a technology partnership agreement that will provide geoimaging companies with an integrated state-of-the-art sensor/stabilized mount solution that combines Visual Intelligence’s iOne geospatial sensors with SOMAG AG’s GSM 3000 Gyro Stabilization Mount. With this combination, Visual Intelligence and SOMAG are integrating leading-edge and disruptive technology to bring to their customers superior accuracy, image quality, and more flying time at lower cost than traditional monolithic sensors or film-based cameras.

Well known in the industry, SOMAG’s GSM 3000 Gyro Stabilization Mount compensates for the vibration and movements of aircraft, which dramatically increases the quality of data captured by geoimaging sensors. Visual Intelligence’s solution includes the multipurpose iOne n-Oblique sensor, along with the iOne Stereo 12 and iOne Stereo19, which are high-performance sensors that are able to grow in collection and functional capacity with a user’s needs or budget—in other words, sensors that are resilient to digital obsolescence.

“This partnership brings together our multipurpose and cost-effective suite of sensor products and fast Isis 2D-3D software suite with a high-quality and competitively-priced stabilization mount, giving our customers an affordable sensor and mount solution,” said Visual Intelligence President and CEO Dr. Armando Guevara. “We are excited to team up with SOMAG AG Jena to continue leading the way to oblique, 3D and wide area collection with high-performing multipurpose sensor solutions. SOMAG’s GSM 3000 gyro mount has proven to be an outstanding complement to our iOne geoimaging sensors and of great value and performance to our customers.”

“According to Sebastian Schreiber, CTO of SOMAG AG Jena, “The GSM 3000 has been an extremely successful product with more than 240 devices sold globally since 2004. Capable of level accuracies better than 0.02° in any axis, the Mount includes a hydraulic-based system design, ensuring exceptional dynamic stabilization of the sensor payload, resulting in high overall system performance, data quality and collection efficiency. SOMAG is proud to offer gyro stabilization platforms to support Visual Intelligence geoimaging sensor system solutions, and we look forward to a partnership that will provide quality sensor products to the industry at lower cost.”

Visual Intelligence and SOMAG AG Jena are both attending the ASPRS 2014 Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky from March 23-27, 2014 and will be available to discuss benefits of their combined products.

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