The Visual Intelligence Value Proposition

Minimize Your Risk

Visual Intelligence’s iOne STKA® helps you minimize financial and operational risks and maximize the return on your sensor investment with a lower cost of entry and greater ROI than traditional sensor software packages.

The iOne STKA® allows you scalable-systems and multi-functionality. Meaning Visual Intelligence products future-proofs your sensor investment for the long term and gives you a flexible solution that will meet your needs today and for years and years to come.

Enhance Your Products

As technology evolves it gets smaller, less expensive and more functional. iOne STKA® follows that arc and evolves with the industry’s technology so you can deliver higher resolution, better accuracy and more types of imagery to your customers.

Visual Intelligence reduces your flight and man hours because our technology has the largest area of coverage compared to any other system. Because the solutions are multifunctional, you can also add oblique and 3D imagery to your company’s offerings to capture more business… and more profit.

Grow Your Business

Visual Intelligence’s iOne STKA® is multifunction, allowing you to use off-the-shelf camera systems are reconfigurable, enabling your company to do more projects for clients and generate new revenue streams with value added services. Our software package also provides a cost-effective means of competing for lucrative projects involving oblique, 3D and advanced imaging projects.

iOne STKA® is designed to accommodate your business’ changing needs and enabling you to explore new business opportunities, creating a clear path to your path to new profits.

The future demands the real world perspective only 3-D imaging can bring. As the geospatial imaging and software industry develops better ways to capture what your customers want to see in order to navigate and understand their world, investment cost and opportunity collide for imaging companies who need to deliver better products. Visual Intelligence can show you how to afford, adopt and leverage our solution to reduce your investment risks, enhance your products and ultimately grow your business.