Our Team Culture

At Visual Intelligence our team culture is reflected through the collective behavior of all its members around our shared vision and commitment to our core values which define us: our goals, aspirations and the driving inner force that “life is urgent”. Central to our “team’s core” is commitment to integrity, diversity, excellence, entrepreneurship, questioning and innovation. Our culture is represented in the statements we make and in our attitudes, committed action and ethics that guide our efforts. Our business practices are focused on the customers, partners and community requirements without compromising our core values.

Integrity, being personally accountable to our word and actions, is at the cornerstone of each team member and our company. We foster a culture of ownership, sense of urgency and accountability in everything that we do. We consistently adhere, individually and collectively, to the highest standards of ethical conduct, applying moral and principled behavior in all of our day to day activities whilst remaining fair and honest in our dealings with customers, partners and stakeholders.

We believe that diversity drives innovation and a high-performance culture. We encourage diversity in thought and culture by respecting the differences and learning from the backgrounds, experience, and thinking of others. Respect in essence, is characterized by treating others with dignity and in a manner that recognizes their intrinsic value irrespective of nationality, hierarchy, or role within the organization.

We are passionate about excellence in achieving the team’s goals and aspirations. We thrive on challenging “the-state-of-the-art” in our pursuit for superior technological and business results through continuous improvement of our skills, technological know-how, and strategic and operational business practices. We seek to position ourselves as a geospatial industry leader by becoming the benchmark for best-in-class geoimaging digital sensor technology and customer service.

Entrepreneurship, Questioning and Innovation
Visual Intelligence is surrounded by abundant exciting business opportunities. We are rewriting the future to set the standards for the geoimaging sensor industry. Our people work together to innovate and succeed. High sense of urgency and an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset are pivotal to push the boundaries to optimize these opportunities for success. We encourage each other to question approaches in order to foster “out of the box” thinking and problem solving, while respecting each member’s point of view and thought process. We explore every opportunity with optimism and calculated risk and encourage each other to seek the desired value for today’s and tomorrow’s success. As we look into business and technology scenarios, we question assumptions and defy the status-quo.