Welcome To Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence® (“VI”) is based in Houston Texas, founded in 2003 and has emerged as an industry-leading software and sensor technology company that delivers a platform for the development of world-class metric 3D sensor solutions and information delivery workflows, for large airborne systems, drone and mobile applications.
Using the principals of computer vision and photogrammetry, patented technology turns an array of off-the-shelves cameras into a wide field image with accurate 3D measurement systems, and brings ultra-high definition capabilities to many industries for a wide variety of uses.

More about Visual Intelligence®

At Visual Intelligence®, our mission is to provide flexible and expandable software technology for sensor systems, enabling our customers to deliver high-quality geoimaging products. We strive to create and deliver the best geoimaging software for sensors in the industry, so you can Collect More. Do More. For Less.®

Our Company Mission
At Visual Intelligence®, we aim to provide world class digital imaging software technology with a commitment to integrity and high ethical standards… More
Our Value Proposition
Minimize Your Risk – Enhance Your Products – Grow Your Business… More

Industry Testimonials

…the ARCA® sensor design… Is the most exciting technology I have seen at this ASPRS 2009 conference…
Dr. Edward Mikhail, University of Purdue
…your technology and customer service experience in comparison to other providers we have dealt with in the past is like ‘night and day’.
Tim Cawood, McKim & Creed
“You’ve come a long way… your imagery looks very good. With the modularity and scalability of the system and your DigitalFilm® Lease/Usage program, you will have many flyers come knocking at your door to get this sensor.
Grady Owens, Aerial
This big picture goal of (‘Visual Intelligence® and the Iris One sensor’) is highly ambitious, given all the effort that will be needed to launch… the system. At the same time, the vision is admirable in its focus and intent. The concept of using a scalable, integrated, modular family of sensors is excellent (and necessary for maintenance, upgrades, third-party assembly, COTS purchasing and rapid-prototyping).
Terry Keating, Aerometric
It is always exciting to see geospatial technology click and Visual Intelligence® did just that during the verification test runs at Ruxstar Systems. VI’s technology has just entered into a new phase… and that phase is exciting to consider commercially. The possibilities with ARCA® and modular configurations are endless. Great job Visual Intel.
John D. Russell, Ruxstar inc.