iOne STKA®

“Visual Intelligence’s patented iOne STKA® Software Architecture uniquely enables the development of multi-aperture cameras/sensors and one platform empowered device-content business models for mobile devices, UAS/Drones, robots and many more. The iOne STKA® enables images taken from drones and handheld devices to evolve without any extra cost from a “happy snap” into measurable and content rich data, for 3D modeling, robotics, AR and VR.
Achieving ultra-high resolution engineering grade accuracy is the NEXT BIG THING for consumer cameras and sensors to go extreme.”
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Sensor Systems

Visual intelligence solutions can support a variety of uses from small UAV crowd-sourced projects to conventional photogrammetry and aerial survey operations. Our flexible platform supports larger and faster data collection, highly-accurate 3-D visualization data, and much more. Learn More

Software / Technology

Visual Intelligence’s technology combines cameras and sensors to create amazing imagery for use in UAV or conventional aircraft. Our expertise turns an array of cameras into a wide field image with accurate mapping or 3D measurement systems for many types of aerial imaging applications. Learn More

Awards and Patents

Visual Intelligence holds numerous patents and awards along with the USGS Digital Aerial Sensor type certification. Awards include the 2013 Geospatial Forum World Technology Innovation in Sensors Award, overall Grand Award and Technology Innovation Award in the 2014 MAPPS Association Geospatial Product and Services Excellence competition. Learn More

In the News

Visual Intelligence has been named one of the 20 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers 2015 by CIOReview, who says: “Visual Intelligence has been on our radar for some time for stirring a revolution in the GIS technology space…” Learn More

About Us

Visual Intelligence is an industry-leading sensor technology and software company that delivers world-class geoimaging solutions for airborne, terrestrial and mobile applications. Our technology can be used in UAV or conventional aircraft, turns an array of cameras into a wide field image with accurate mapping or 3D measurement systems, and brings ultra-high definition capabilities to many industries for a wide variety of uses.
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